For new parents, the holiday season can be the happiest and the most stressful time of the year. Whether the couple has already welcomed a child or a little one is on the way, this wonderful time of year will look and feel differently. A new bundle of joy to love also means adding another name to your holiday shopping list. 

While it’s tempting to splurge on the new addition, remember that shopping for new parents doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing just for the baby. Every parent, especially new parents navigating this new chapter of life, needs to feel seen and indulged during this time of year. Here is a list of the top presents for new parents as they start their parenting journey.

New parents enjoy cuddling their babies in their arms. The Stokke Steps Bouncer imitates the same loving, cradling action babies know and want to give Mom or Dad’s arms a break.

It can be challenging to become a new parent. Give the new parents a gift of Headspace, a guided meditation software that can help them calm their racing thoughts and bring order to the chaos. Even if they get to sleep each night, the routine will help them feel more centered in their daily lives, unwind in stressful situations, and feel more at ease.

Frequently, a couple’s romantic connection suffers after they become parents. Help them maintain the flame. The book is an excellent tool to maintain communication between new parents during this new chapter because it has questions for couples to answer over a year.

New baby food makers have a steamer stack so parents may cook meals for themselves or the infant and a powerful blender for purees. The steamer component can also be used to sanitize pacifiers, tiny toys, or bottle parts and to warm and thaw bottles.

It’s hard finding time to cook when focused on keeping a baby safe and content. For new parents, a food delivery gift card is a welcome break from freezer and microwave meals. Local restaurant gift cards are also a fantastic option, but delivery gift cards provide the recipient with more options and delivery service.

When you’re a new parent who lacks sleep, it’s simple to forget to document significant milestones. This is where Qeepsake is useful. The program texts parents’ inquiries about their infant and stores their answers and images of the infant. Parents can order a printed book with all of their memories in it.

Putting a baby’s name on anything makes it classic. Cable-knit chamois blankets will keep little ones warm.

Baby nails can get pointy and sharp. Because they’re small and delicate, they can be challenging to take care of. An electric trimmer makes it easy to gently cut fingernails and toenails without worrying about getting them too short.