If you’re a healthcare professional, one of the best ways to gain new knowledge and perspective on the field is to watch a few TED Talks discussing the industry. Dozens of TED Talks exist given by some of the best of the best in the healthcare industry, as well as in other relating fields. They discuss a variety of topics and problems that healthcare has come across, trying to guide others and offer solutions to the best of their ability. Here are a few of the best TED Talks on healthcare to check out.


The Next Revolution In Healthcare? Empathy – Dr. Paul Rosen

Dr. Paul Rosen, a pediatric rheumatologist, is dedicated to improving the patient experience in the healthcare industry. He breaks down some of the steps that healthcare professionals can take to reduce delays and improve the quality of patient care. He also reveals some of the habits that healthcare professionals can implement to improve the comfort and pain levels of their patients.


Millennials in Medicine, Doctors Of The Future – Dr. Daniel Wozniczka

Dr. Daniel Wozniczka, a psychiatrist and the author of “The Future Of Health,” talks about the role of the millennial healthcare professional in a world that’s fast-paced and digital. He reveals how they’re able to be entrepreneurial and innovative while also being able to make a positive impact on the industry. According to Dr. Wozniczka, the challenge is to maintain this passion and drive in order to keep up with the increasing pressures that the healthcare industry is experiencing. He says that working in the field is very taxing, and it can make it hard to keep up with the demands of being a doctor. The other factors that are contributing to the stress levels of healthcare professionals include national and economic pressures.


Doctors Make Mistakes, Can We Talk About That? – Dr. Brian Goldman

According to Brian Goldman, a physician, the culture of denial prevents doctors from discussing their mistakes and learning from them. He claims that this prevents them from improving and being able to help their patients. In his book, “The Future Of Clinical Practice,” he encourages doctors to start talking about their mistakes and what the future of their profession will look like.


A Doctor’s Touch – Dr. Abraham Verghese

According to Dr. Abraham Verghese, the future of medicine is in danger of losing the power of the human touch, which is a vital part of patient-centric care. In a digital age, he says that the profession should remember the ritual and power of touch in physical examinations and how it keeps the “human” aspect of patient care front and center.